Home in Victoria, British-Columbia, Canada, Ad-free time! was originally developed by myself as a result of an ever increasing amount of online advertisements.
Back in University, I was fed up with banner ads, popups and video ads everywhere. Having tried browser plugins, I wanted a more elegant solution that would work on any device.

I realized the only way this could effectively be done, would be through DNS.
Eager to learn about the technology behind it, I then went on to create an early prototype. It worked well and my roommates and I were pleased with it.

For years this would have been it. However, as Netflix began to become more and more popular, I learned from some of my American friends that they have a lot more to choose from on their Netflix.
Naturally I wanted the US version. As a “summer fun project” I then modified my existing setup to enable me to access the US version of Netflix.
Soon after, friends and family wanted in on the US Netflix and ad-blocking. Reluctantly, I set-up a small server in my basement that would enable them to do so.
I never wanted to turn that little system into a big, publicly available service. I sort of liked the exclusivity of it.

But after the feedback I received and after much thought, I set out to make Ad-free time! available to the world.


And this is where we are today.



Richard Probst – creator of adfreetime.com