I have more than one computer/internet device, how many subscriptions do I need?

  • Only 1! If all your computers and devices use the same internet connection, you only need one active subscription!
  • If you want to use our service on different computers or devices simultaneously and your computers or devices have individual, separate internet connections, you need an active subscription for every internet connection. Also note that you need to create a new account with a different email address for each connection.

Can I use Ad-free time! from multiple locations?

  • Yes! But only one location at a time... If you set-up your router for Ad-free time, all computers and devices connected to that router automatically use our service simultaneously! At no extra cost!

Will this work from a hotel, hot spot or on 3G/4G networks?

  • We've tested a lot of providers by either tethering a phone or using a mobile hotspot and most worked.
  • Generally it's hit or miss with hotels. If the hotel is transparently proxying your internet, our service won't work.
  • If the hotel is merely intercepting DNS requests, you can get our service to work by using port 5353 for DNS instead.

Is your service limited to Canada?

  • Absolutely not! We do not serve mainland China though.

Does your service increase bandwidth usage?

  • Well, that depends on you. If your online viewing habits increase because of the awesomeness of our region unlock, your bandwidth usage will naturally increase as well. Simply signing up for our service however doesn't increase your bandwidth usage. If you've signed up for Ad-free time!, your bandwidth usage will actually slightly decrease because you won't be wasting bandwidth on advertisements anymore!

Why has my service stopped working?

  • Most likely because your IP address has changed and our system doesn't know who you are.
  • Luckily this is very easy to fix. Simply go to the Self Service area to update your IP.



How long does it take for my service to become active after sign up or IP changes?

  • At the very most 5 minutes. Our servers are configured to constantly check for user changes and it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.
  • If after 5 minutes you're still having problems, contact us via the support tab in the client area.


Region Unlock

Can Netflix Subtitle Block be disabled?

  • Absolutely!
  • There is a toggle switch for it on the Self Service page

How are you different from services like StrongVPN, HotSpot Shield, etc.?

  • Our service works with a variety of devices, such as Roku, Apple TV, PS3, Roku and others, while VPN based solutions only work with computers.
  • No bandwidth loss. Unlike VPN or proxy solutions, we only reroute a minuscule amount of your traffic, therefore there's no bandwidth bottleneck.
  • No software to install.
  • Your IP is not always masked. This may be important for other sites that rely on your IP address for certain functions to work.
  • It's just so much easier!

Is there a loss of speed when using your service? Is there a data cap?

  • Absolutely not! That's the beauty of using Ad-free time! over VPN or proxy services! There is no data cap on our service and there never will be!


Ad-free time!

Can I disable ad block?

  • Absolutely!
  • You can disable ad block in the Self Service area. Simply flick the ad block switch to off.

I’m still seeing ads on some websites, what can I do?

  • Let us know!
  • Please submit the url of the site you're still seeings ads on in your client area, under support > Open Ticket > Website submissions.
  • We will review the site and fix the problem!

I’m still seeing ads on Hulu, why?

  • Note that we don’t block Hulu ads because they detect ad blocking and will display a 60 second message telling you to turn off ad blocking.