Playstation 3


If you are planning to use your PlayStation 3 with our service, we recommend you configure your router.
In case you do not have access to your router or your PlayStation 3 is connected to a modem directly, please follow the procedure below:
  • Select Settings > Network Settings
  • Select Internet Connection Settings
  • Select Yes when a confirmation screen is displayed stating that you will be disconnected from the Internet.
  • Select Custom. Leave all settings as is until you reach DNS Settings
  • Select Manual and fill-in the DNS server fields with values from the table below

Press the Right button on the PS3 controller until the option to check your connection is shown. Check the connection to save the new settings.

If you can’t find the Netflix app in the TV/Video service menu, you may have to create a U.S. PSN account first. You can switch back to your original account once you installed the Netflix app.


  • Restart the PS3 before using our service
  • If you had Netflix installed before, hold the “Start” and “Select” buttons on the controller at the same time while starting Netflix on the PS3. This will allow you to reset your Netflix settings and reactivate your PS3 at