Roku players do not have advanced network settings. Therefore, the only way to use our service on a Roku is to update your router’s DNS settings.

Check the router setup page to find instructions for the most popular models.


If you don’t have access to your router or for whatever reason cannot change your router’s settings, then Roku players will not work with our service.


Account Setup

Every Roku needs to be linked to an account at You must create an account from your computer BEFORE activating the Roku. DO NOT create an account if your Roku asks you to create one, it may be created incorrectly and won’t show you new apps. If your device does not show US “channels” then you will need to create new account, do a factory reset, and link your Roku to that account.

If you are asked for a US zip code during account setup, use 90210



If you have a Roku with US firmware you will see only US apps.
BBC iPlayer will not be available.
Only US channels that we support will work on the Roku.
Other US apps may or may not work but we can’t assist if they don’t.

If you have a Roku with UK firmware, you will only be able to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer and NHL Gamecenter.  (Demand5, itv player and 4od are not currently supported on Roku.)
NO other US apps will show or work. This is due to the limitations of the firmware. Even if you register the Roku to a US address, other US apps will not show up or work.