Region Unlock

Region unlock is not a so called VPN solution. Region unlock is a DNS based unblock, that means we only reroute that part of your traffic that Netflix etc. uses to determine your location.
Unlike VPN services, our solution enables you to stream media directly from the providers, there is no bottleneck! All we do to unblock US Netflix and other services in your location, is ‘fool’ Netflix etc. into thinking you’re in the United States, for example.
Once those checks by the content providers are complete and your location is verified, content is streamed directly between you and the provider.

The beauty of this method is that you get to use your entire internet connection speed with no compromise!
Another big advantage of this method is that it works on most devices, such as Playstation (ps3), Apple TV, Xbox, Wii, Roku, etc.




Netflix Regions


Supported Netflix regions means that these Netflix regions can be accessed from anywhere in the world through our service.

Currently we support: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Brazil, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway and Mexico




Netflix Subtitle Blocker
No more annoying subtitles

Netflix Subtitle Blocker completely disables all yellow Netflix subtitles on all your devices.
No more Spanish subtitles you can’t disable when watching Mexican Netflix!
Subtitle Blocker works on all Netflix regions and with all languages.Netflix Subtitle blocker is included in every Ad-free time! subscription, at no extra cost!

Head to the Self Service page to try it!
(And yes, you can toggle it on or off…)

Video Sites Supported


Netflix hulu amazon-instant-video-logo spiketv spiketv spiketv showtime_logo1-150x55 Starz Play aande fox nbc USA Network mtv abc cbs showtime_logo1-150x55 pbs History Discovery Channel Syfy spiketv mylifetime Disney crackle Vevo VH1 crunchyroll TV Land Marvel Bravo TV logoTV Smithsonian Channel


nfl-game-pass mlb-logo-small ufc Fox Soccer 2Go NHL-Gamecenter NBA League Pass WWE Network Sky Sports bein Sports


iPlayer-logo   New+ITV+logo  CTV zattoo_logo_gross Now TV



Audio Sites Supported


Audio sites

mzl.nmradjah    lastfm_lrg   188072_55354819171_94107585_n   Rdio-logomog-app-icon-200x200spotify-logo-primary-vertical-light-background-rgb

How It Works
Lots of wizardry and maybe a bit of magic! Cool


Please note

Region unlock simply allows you to access these services, you may still require an account to use some services like Netflix etc.

You don’t need a US Netflix account to access US content. Simply connect using your existing account and the content will be switched to US automatically!


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